Nail & Eyelash


The nail and eyelash extension salon that can receive a service at the same time in a luxurious space.

Reasons why “Terra” is chosen

Reasons why “Terra” is chosen

Nail Arts



At the salon, narrow down the art samples in your favorite conditions on the iPad. You will find the nail art attracted to your heart.

No 10311 Yurie. Y - 90

No 10311

90 min

No 10310 Yurie. Y - 90

No 10310

90 min

No 10299 Sawaka. Y - 90

No 10299

90 min

No 10298 Sawaka. Y - 90, 90

No 10298

9090 min

No 10297 Shiori. E - 90

No 10297

90 min

No 10295 Yuri. O - 90, 90

No 10295

9090 min


Terra Ginza

Terra Ginza Terra Ginza

Nail & Eyelash

The nail and eyelash extension salon. The salon is along Ginza Chuo street towards Kyobashi, that street along the line of Ginza aster.

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Terra Shinjuku

Terra Shinjuku Terra Shinjuku

Nail & Eyelash

The nail and eyelash extension salon. The salon is at the intersection of Meiji Street and Yasukuni Street. It is easy to access from Shinjuku 3-chome station.

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Terra Blue Shibuya

Terra Blue Shibuya Terra Blue Shibuya

Nail Salon

A nail specialty salon next to Shibuya Hikarie. It is the salon which will be established for over 10 years.

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Nail & Eyelash Terra

Nail & eyelash salon with high quality, speedy, relaxing

We will offer beauty and healing time to all our guests


Phone: 050 3347 8871