Reasons why “Terra” is chosen


Our specialty

  • High quality

    The reason for our confidence.

    For each procedure listed here on our home page, our technicians must pass a test, to be certified. Thus, you are guaranteed professional work. Also, they are required to attend technique seminars, practice early in the mornings, before opening time, and take additional monthly exams, given by our managers. That is what gives us confidence in our procedures.

    High quality
  • Speedy

    A short period of time in the beautifully

    We set our goal to offer a high-quality treatment more quickly, because we hope to satisfy the customers who have only limited time. Become beautiful after work in less time ? We want everybody to enjoy our nail and eyelash extensions. We are practicing and researching everyday.


Our specialty to nail

  • Art sample 10,000

    Freely narrowing in the iPad

    Can’t find artwork that you like? Please come to us! Choices of color variations and designs are infinity, so we have a special “iPad” that creates art samples from color, seasons, events, situations and etc. so that you can create your own artwork easily. This system is very popular.

    Art sample 10,000
  • Our specialty to commodity

    Rich merchandise,Color,Art parts

    We only use high-quality materials- because we know “beauty” cannot be sustained by bad materials. For base gel, we selected a material that is stable. For top-coat gel, we selected hard-strength, gloss and luster material. As much as we put power into our techniques, we selected high-quality materials and experimenting everyday. It doesn’t matter how much our manicurist has techniques, many color variation and latest art materials are essential. Our salon has more than 450 color gels, more than 90 color powders, more than 40 Swarovski colors, and also rich variation of polish and air-brush colors. We also have plenty of new parts and stickers depending on seasons and fashion trends.

    Our specialty to commodity
  • Please give us your request

    Your smile is the best reward

    Please give us your request. Our manicurist love nails, thinking of nails everyday- they are the real “professional”. Any difficult task is possible. Of course, we are not perfect, but we will try our best to make our customers happy. Our customers smile is what motivates us.

    Please give us your request

Our specialty to eyelash extension

  • Safe and secure

    Because that precious eyes

    To guarantee safeness, every staff in Terra has the beautician license, and we also have authorization from the public health center. We use the glue that guaranteed safeness, low-damage to your skin, and also lasts long. For people who have sensitive skin, please ask us in advance so we can precede a patch test. Our well-trained staffs always think safety-first.

    Safe and secure
  • Why we are highly-skilled ?

    Insatiable to the technology defunct challenge

    Since we researched several types of eye lashes, we can suit to any kinds of eye lash types; hair quality, eye shape, bone structure and character. To keep up with the techniques, we do a time-trial at our additional monthly exams, to finish up as fast and as beautiful as possible.

    Why we are highly-skilled ?
  • We are professional eyelash stylists

    If you have any questions, please contact us !

    We choose the best thickness, length and curl for the eye lash extension that matches our customers. We would like our customers to enjoy and keep the “healthy” eye lash extension as long as possible. We are researching about eye lashes everyday to make our customers more satisfied. If you have any questions, please contact us any time. We will solve your problem.

    We are professional eyelash stylists
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