FAQ Eyelash extension

FAQ for Eyelash

About sustainability


How long do I have eyelash extensions typically?


There is a hair cycle on the eyelash, and all hairs will molt in about two months. If the extension was put on the hair that is ready to fall off, one month passes and it will decrease to less than half pieces. Lower-lash goes the same.

The example based on hair cycle
  • If 100 pieces were put on…About a month (about 40 piece will be left)
  • If 80 pieces were put on…About 2 weeks to 3 weeks(about 20 piece will be left)

* It is an example of computational sustainability. Depending on the living environment and handling, some eyelash may come off so please handle it delicately.


Is there a recommended way for sustainability?


Please sure not to wet your eye lash for six hours after treatment. (Make-ups other than Mascara are possible.)

0.1mm is most High durability. Soft and narrow thickness. Better to use hair-length 1mm or 2mm longer than your natural eye lash so that the volume should not fall. We also recommended mixing 0.1mm eye lash with the type your using right now.

About facial cleansing


Are there any points to be careful when washing my face?


We recommend that you wash your upper and lower eye lashes individually with your fingers gently.

Any facial soap can be used. We recommend that you wash your eyes separately, gently. Please wash from upper lash.

Please note that cotton and the cotton bud might get caught on eye lash extension.

About the makeup


Can mascara be used?


Yes, you can. When you put Mascara on, it’s better to put on the top-part of eye lash. If you put it on the base, it is difficult to off it. We don’t recommend mascara. Rubbing your eyes when cleansing can cause your extensions to fall off more quickly.

  • ○ Take off by hot water-type
  • × Waterproof-type
  • × Hot Wuhrer and Wuhrer

About the disorder of the eye lash


My eye lash direction falls into disorder. What should I do?


When your eye lash direction falls into disorder, use a coarse eye-blow coam. Coming too much will loose durability.

If you mix 0.1mm extensions with the design, it will become hard to fall off.


Eyelash extensions and pointing into my eyes. What should I do?


We recommend that you come to our salon. If it is difficult to come, we recommend that you cut-off the tip of the extension with a small beauty-scissors.
* Plaese note that small beauty-scissors are dangerous. Please be careful.



There is always a sense of incompatibility immediately after eye lash treatment. Is this an allergic symptom?


Because the glue is not completely dry, the sense of incompatibility remains for about 30 minute to one hour after the treatment. It will disappear in about one hour. If there is a sense of incompatibility and a pain after several hours, possibility of allergy can be thought so please ask us.


When do you decline the treatment?


Will decline treatment if the following case.

  • The person who had a sty or conjunctivitis.
  • The person who had an operation of LACIK within 1 month.
  • The person who had an operation of Double-eyelid method within 1 month.
  • The person who had permanent makeup within 1 month.

My eyes are red and itchy after surgery. What should I do?


An allergic reaction may be possible.It is necessary to remove the extension immediately. We will remove the extention free of charge. After removing the extension, please contact a physician at ophthalmology department.

About allergy of eyelash extension

The glue we use may cause allergic reaction to some customers. The possibility of allergic reaction happens to every 1 people out of 100 people. It depends, but no matter how less-damage material it is, if it doesn’t match to that person, allergic reaction will occur.

We use glue that is less harmful to the human body, but there is the possibility of trouble if the glue not matches that person. We recommend for those who has a big event coming such as wedding ceremony to try our trial course first.

People below may cause allergic reaction
  • A person with some allergic reactions (e.g. atopic dermatitis etc).
  • Rash from cosmetics or tapes.

The above people sometimes do not have allergic reaction with eye lash glue, and other people have allergic reaction too. Please decide from your experience and your health.

Examples of allergic symptoms
  • Itching of the eyelid
  • Swelling of the eyelid
  • Hyperemia

If your eyelid itches, swells, and your eye congests, we’ll remove the eyelash extensions free of charge. But we cannot refund the treatment fee.

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